Monday, December 18, 2017

Hey everyone,

I can't believe we are a week out from Christmas and I can't believe all that has happened! it's crazy to stop and think of where I am at and about back home and it's all so crazy. Congrats to all those that got married back home! I miss you all a ton but the mission is most definitely where I need to be.  I'm not saying it doesn't really suck at times but the church is true and I love it and you all!

This week was packed full of stuff.  To to start with, we had semifinals and finals back to back on Wednesday and Thursday.  Semis went great. We upset that 2 seed and I dropped 30, but the next day in the finals our team choked and so did I lol. VH played great but our comeback wasn't enough and we lost. The good thing is we got recognition and people all over are talking to us.  Best of all Demitri is now willing to go to lunch and meet with us and hopefully we can get him back to church.

Thursday we had taco night with the squad which is the best.  On Friday we did this long service project and Christmas caroled with the youth and some of the branch and that was so fun!  Then Saturday we had district splits and I was with Jim-dad Ballard the whole day. He's awesome and I love the guy!

We were able to get back in touch with Paul and teach him and he came to church this week so that was sweet. He really wants to get baptized and is sincere.  He's just trying to get on his feet right now and is going to rehab so really pray for Paul and hopefully eventually it will be his time. John Henery still gone and Tymon is still swerving us...tonight may be out our last chance.  Milly read some of the Book of Mormon so hopefully when we meet with her again we can answer some questions.

Anyway next week I probs won't email a ton and no weekly. but I'm pumped as to talk to my family.  I love you guys so much I can't even words can describe my thanks for my mom my dad and my brothers and all my friends and family.

- Elder Imlay.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Hey guys!

What's up out there in Utah? or wherever you are?  Everything is going good here!  This week flew by and i really can't believe that it's December and almost Christmas. I hope you all have a great season and are looking for ways to help others because that's what its all about.  It's so hard to feel like it's Christmas here cause it's still like 70 degrees haha.  Actually this week at night it actually felt a little colder and we could wear a long sleeve shirt if we wanted.

This transfer has been crazy and we haven't been able do as much as we would like, but hopefully this next transfer we can get out and get with some more people!  We had our meetings Tuesday and then Friday we had our megazone conference which is very long when your in Bermuda watching from an iPad for 7 hours lol.

Saturday we worked hard trying to get the Mello-canns into there house.   Later that night we had our branch Christmas party and that was way fun so it was a quick good weekend. Sunday we both had to speak in church and it went really well!  We had it timed perfectly and both spoke about 17 mins so it worked out great!  Anyway I spoke about letting your testimony physically become apart of who you are so I challenge you all to really believe and become what you believe.

We still haven't seen Tymon so keep him in your prayers. We are trying to work with this girl named Milly and she is really cool and asked some good questions when we  went there this week. Mike also said he wants us to start teaching his mom so I'm pretty pumped for that. Mike is the coolest RC (recent convert) I've ever seen and it's crazy to see him grasp the gospel like he has.

Hope everything is gucci back home and I miss and love you all a lot.

Elder Koby Imlay

Monday, December 4, 2017

What's up guys,

Got that clever title for my subject cause I can't believe it's already December and it's still in the 70's.  I'm loving missing winter hahaha! One year ago the fam was at a jazz game and getting all my mission stuff ready to go. I'll post a pic of the game 1 year ago. Then two years ago the squad at the BYU/Utah game...I'll post a pic of that too!

Anyway it was a good week out here.  We had a dope basketball game.  Won that first round of playoffs dropped 30. This week is the last week so I'll let you know how that goes. It's super fun to see all these people around Bermuda who know exactly who we are because of basketball and they will talk to us.

President came this weekend as well so it was way cool to have him here. On Friday there was this Christmas walkabout thing going on and we all went to that and shared our Light the World video.  It was awesome.  We saw so many people we know and it felt like I was just at home.  If you all aren't doing the Light the World challenge you should check it because there are some neat messages on there.

We talked with Tymon, our investigator, this week but he just keeps swerving us so we werent able to meet with him, but we are still trying our best.  We met with John Henry Darrel and he is a champ. He said he wanted to be baptized, but he is leaving on a trip for a month and won't be back til Jan 4th.  When he gets back we are gonna work really hard with him to get him there and hopefully before I leave! We also had some good visits with the members and less actives. I love the people here so much and one day I'll bring my fam back!

Sunday we taught a lesson in priesthood and we got asked to speak again in church next Sunday. They ask me so much that all the members are like you are setting the record for most a Bermuda missionary has spoke here....hahal!  It's probably cause I need the practice.   The lesson we taught was on Christ and seeking him.  The most important thing we can do is have a testimony of him and always do what we do for him. Love Christ and what he did and everything else will fall into place.

I love you all.  We about to hit the green hills of Bermuda and go golfnig🤘🤘💰💰💰💵💵 so that should be fun.  Hopefully my game isn't as bad as Cams or Pops lol.  Go Seahawks!  This Christmas time lose yourself in serving others and show love always. Thanks you for everything you all do for me.

Elder Imlay

Monday, November 20, 2017

What's up everyone,

Good week out here, crazy, so much happened! Last Monday was super sick.  We had our last p day before Harris and Maldonado left the fam....hahaha. It was way fun and I'll send some pictures! Tuesday they left super early and it was pretty sad, no joke hahaha, Elder Harris shed a few tears I think.  It's like a family out here and I can't believe how long I've been here!

Tuesday night my boy Elder VH got here and it's been so sick having him here, picking up right where me and Harris left off. It's been a good week with him and the 2 transfers are gonna be super good. The new sister's name is sister Romney!

Anyway the work has been good. We have been working with some less actives. We do family home evening with a few families and we are hoping others can come and we can strengten our branch cuz it really needs it. One of the less actives we work with, Re'chai, came to church! I love to see these people change and come back. Y'all should try and reach out to someone in your ward or someone you know that hasn't been there in a while and just be their friend.

Our investigators are still cool, they just don't come to church....even if they say there gonna lol. Just keep praying that they can keep here commitments and really get their answer.  Especially pray for my man Tymon and also John Henery Darrel.  We have a lesson with Tymon so hopefully that goes well.

Anyway I'm gonna send a few pics, it's been a dope week! Just love you all a ton. Fine9 for life I miss you guys every week. Keep grinding and no matter what happens just #findjoyinthejourney. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. I'm in fricking Great Britain so it ain't a holiday, but we will make the best out of it and it's gonna be sick. Until next week.

Elder Imlay

Monday, November 6, 2017

Aight what's up guys!

It was a good solid week here in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. We are having a great time and trying hard to get those prepared. Sorry I didn't tell y'all about my p day being on Tuesday last week but it was Halloween.  We chilled all day and had a game night with the senior couples and sisters and made Halloween cookies.  It was pretty sweet I'd say!

Well I've been out 10 months that's crazy. Shout out to Konley getting married next month.  I can't believe it!

Sadly we had a bye in basketball this week so no game but in 2 days we be ballin.  We had some good lessons this week, especially with our man Tymon.  We taught the plan of salvation and the purpose of life and he's really seeking for his answers.  It's pretty sweet!  Missionary work is all about being real with people and loving and showing them what it does for you and what it can do for them. It's not just about knocking doors or teaching every single point of a deep topic. Everyone can like actually change people so just go out and be yourselves and be real with people.  Share your testimony! It's changing my life as I do that.

We had some dope dinners and lunches with the members cause Elder Harris has only 1 more week so that was sick about this week. I can't believe he is leaving.  It was quick and I'm gonna miss that guy.  But I can't even tell you how hyped I am to get my boy Van Haren out here. Its going to be awesome!!

Continue to pray for Paul and Tymon especially.  Paul has kinda been swerving us.  I just wanna let you know that this gospel is way more than just following rules and going to's a life changing way of finding happiness and truly the reason we are here. I love you all so much. Cam is just studdin, kaler ballin out senior year, dad biking and just the champ, and then super mom doing the greatest things ever...Love you guys.  Shout out to the 9 keep grinding.  Talk to you all next week!


- Elder Imlay

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

What's up guys!

Happy Halloween!! Coming to you all on Tuesday because Elder Sitati came from the 70's came to our mission and spoke yesterday.  It was such a long conference and the man spoke for 2 hours straight. It was way good but listening on FaceTime thru an iPad is not the greatest hahaha. None the less it was lit to chill with the squad at the Pohfals house.

The week went super good. We taught some good lessons and we were able to take our brother Gardner.  He's an RM from Utah  and is here working for a few years with his wife. He's 26 and the most solid guy ever.  We saw our investigator Tymon and his brother Tristian and they are really dope!   They read the Book of Mormon and now we got brother Gardner to come in "like KD and clutch the game winner"! I'm excited for them!  We are gonna go watch Tymon's soccer game this week!

We also met with Paul who was taught a lot in the past and during the lesson we got him on for a baptismal date.  He was a little down before and after the man was so happy. I love to see people just change and become happy. I just love helping people I don't even care if they get baptized (thought I'd prefer that), but just helping is the greatest.

Also I started my business, KobyPainting Inc...haha!  We painted Friday and Saturday for a combined 8 hours....I've painted so much on my mission. but it was good and I love doing work like that!

Wednesday was game day and dang it was crazy! We played a really good team, it was back and forth all game. It finally ended in 2OT!  We got to talk with a few guys about our church and it was sweet.  Also we have a recent convert on our team and he loves us and we are gonna get him back to church.   I started the game a little slow only had 8 points in the first half but in the 2nd half and OT, I put in 30 more so I finished with 38 and we won 110-103. Lots of people were watching and it was so cool to have people ask us who we were afterwards. They thinks it's crazy we won't play on Sundays as that's the other game day.  I feel really strong this is gonna get someone to come to the gospel!

Anyway I love you all and all the boys. #findjoyinthejourney. I know this church is true and the mission is changing my life.  Thank you all for getting me here.  Keep strong everyday and read the BoM,,,it will 100% change your life. Til next week.

-Elder Imlay


Monday, October 23, 2017

What's up guys

Dang this week was awesome! Heavenly Father definitely answers our prayers and we saw some good stuff happen this week! On Monday we taught this guy named Tymon and he's like 25. We just talked for while and he taught us about cricket and then we taught him he was way interested and had some great questions! It's awesome to have a dude like him who's not crazy! We are going back tonight!

We were able to find 5 new investigators and 2 of our people came to church! It was awesome! Mike is this super cool dude who's girl friend is a member. She lives in Utah and she came to visit.  We got to teach him and he came to church and he so cool and he loves us and the church. I'm very excited for him! 

Sunday was crazy tho! I gave a talk in church about prophets and I used basketball analogy to explain it! I had to speak like for almost 20 minutes but it was great! Then we had to teach the youth a lesson and I just want to say I'm sorry to all my teachers when I was younger cause I was know I was a punk and I feel you pain after teaching that lesson yesterday hahaha!  Then in Elders Quorum me and Richard tag team taught the lesson on a conference talk and it went well! Crazy day with alot to do.

On Friday we got to go on splits with the youth and do some knocking. I went with this champ A.J  Smith (already better missionary than me and he's 13). We had some fun and we got to teach his teacher.  We are gonna go back this week! That was neat.

Nothing to crazy just a good missionary week.  I know the NBA started back home.  I saw Hayward got messed up prayers to him, shouldn't have left the jazz. Go Seahawks.

Anyway have a great week I love you all. Have a good Halloween. Shoot me some emails I love hearing from you. Love you all.

Elder yungkob Imlay

sorry not many pics

Monday, October 16, 2017

What's up y'all

It's been a great week this week!  Last week we went on a tour with Sisters Maldonado and Ririe and that's why I didn't write a long email.  It was a cool tour and I'll put a pic of us and the tour dude. We had a lot of meetings early in the week, but I forgot to mention last week that Elder Creager is my new zone leader right now so that's pretty neat.  We FaceTime once a week and usually more so that's sick.

On the super dope side of things, we met a guy at the grocery store a few weeks ago and he had a basketball shirt on so asked him where they play ball? He said they have a league and he said he'd get us in so we be been talking to him and we got drafted onto his team and we played a game on Wednesday. We were just expecting like a small little throw together pick up game thing but this thing was legit dude. We got like full Jersey all for free and like there's refs and we found out after that they were like filming some and they talk about it for like a min or 2 on some ghetto Bermuda news channel. Richard was watching and I guess the news said warriors(our team) lost by 4 but Elder Koby Imlay was the games high scorer with 26 points hahahahah! it was sick got my name in the news and great to ball up again.  I was only white dude out there but we got some buckets. It's way cool to because it's getting us a lot of recognition and we are gonna teach like anyone on our team and other teams that want too. Also there's a recent convert on our team so I feel like it's gonna be a huge help to the slow work!  We are encouraged to use our talents to find people so that is what I am doing. 

The rest of the week was great and we have this investigator named Tymon who we are teaching tonight who I'm pumped for.  We found him through his brother who was a former and he's just a way sincere guy.  We also had some great lessons with some of the less actives  and we are really focusing on them. I'd encourage everyone to watch President Nelson's talk again.....we've been using that a ton with the work.

Every Saturday we are still construction workers at the Mello-canns and its way fun. I'm a master with the jack-hammer now.  Sunday was awesome.  Mike Johnson our recent convert gave a great talk and he's literally just such a stud. Coolest most sincere guy I've ever met and the gospel completely changed this guys him.

Well today we got interviews and chillin with the squad. I love Bermuda and the people here. I really just love people and making all of these awesome relationships and connections and meeting new's just a once in a lifetime thing. The mission and life is hard, but we can find joy in any journey and everyday that's what we are trying to do! Shout out to the fine 9 I can't tell you how many times I've talked about you guys on the mission.  I love my fam so much same to you! 

Elder Koby Imlay

Go hawks

Monday, October 9, 2017

What's up guys,

It was a good week! Congrats to Willy on hitting that year mark, lucky duck you ballin out in the 6. Amen to Blake's last weekly email.....I almost copied and pasted it and put it as mine. Also congrats to Fez on getting engaged (I think that happened not a 100 percent sure)!

This week we had a lot of meetings and we have to Skype into them and we are so far away. I'll send a video how those usually go cause we can barely hear. We had some great lessons with 2 recent converts, Mike and John Martin. Mike has only been baptized for like 5 months and he's like in training to be branch President hahaha. The best was our lesson with the Martin family and preparing then to go to NY to the temple to be sealed.  It was was awesome!

I don t have a lot of time as we are going on the town tour with the sisters in a little so that will be cool. Anyway I'm doing great and learning a lot. Thanks for all you do!  Read all the squads emails and that's from me also!

Love you guys.

- Elder Koby Imlay