Monday, March 19, 2018

Hey Homies

Well another transfer is flew by and I can't believe I've been gone from Bermuda that long.  It's starting to be just like a dream! I'm gonna be staying here in Jamaica Queens still with my companion Elder Joseph! sak pase!  Elder Joy is leaving from our district so we will be getting someone New!  Time is flying out here.  I miss you all and even if I don't write all the time I love you a lot.

This week was so packed wow.  We had a lot a lot of great visits with members and investigators.  A little update....we are still working with our less active family the Diaz's and their 9 year old is our investigator and they are so awesome.  The kid is smarter than me so I'm excited to hopefully get him baptized soon!  They are so awesome.  They want us to have lunch with them every Saturday!  The mom is a returned missionary who served in AZ!  We are also working with Tayshon.  We had a dope lesson with him in a Dunkin Donuts and the spirit was so strong.  He has already read to 2 Nephi in the Book of Mormon!  We also picked up and investigator who is the aunt of a member!  I know it's God's work and we are really all just here to love.  If there is anything I can do for any of you please let me know!

We are doing really great out here. New York is awesome and it's teaching me so much! Love you all...shout out to the squad. I'm still waiting on an email from Cam's girl lol. Anyway have a good week!

Elder Imlay

PS  My bracket is busted hahaha. Still beating my family tho cause you know me.

Monday, March 12, 2018

What's up homies

Super quick week out here in Jamaica Queens.  We got some snow this week and it sucked haha but it's already melted and the weather is heating back up!  The week just flew by.  We got 3 new solid investigators so I'm super pumped about that.  We had exchanges and the members have  been hooking it up with the food. (Also March madness is here and you know I'll be filling out my bracket, let the spirit guide)!

Anyway this week we were blessed in the work.  We got a member referral and also a less active family is coming back and we are gonna be teaching their 9 year old son and them to bring them back!  Members really are the way to find people to be baptized.  If every member of the church was just doing their best to help those in their little bubble, the church would grow so much.   Pray for Max (9 year old) he should he baptized pretty soon!  Also Tarah and Tashon.   Tashon also told us he wanted to be baptized!  We are still working with are other homies but most don't wanna come to church so we are still working. 

It's the last week of the transfer so next week we will find out news but I should be staying here with Elder Joseph.  I'm pumped he's the biggest homie.  Anyways I got my mission album still going strong and we got a new song that we finished this week.  Shout out the the homies fine 9 killin it.... home stretch boys! I love this gospel and what it does for me.  I invite everyone to read 1 Corinthians 13 this week and let me know what you think.  That is truly the essence of all of this.
Love you all.
Go jazz

Elder Imlay

No pics really sorry, this is our district grubbin on Belut. (it's baby duck, philipinos got us).

Monday, March 5, 2018

What's up everyone

It was another good week that flew by! We were pretty busy this week with interviews and exchanges and stuff going on. The elders had another baptism this week so that was awesome.  It was a member family who has a best friend living with them and they were able to baptize! Jamaica is a pretty cool place and I'm loving being here and my companion is a homie!

With our investigators this week kinda sucked.  We had so many people cancel there lessons that we had with them and even more just not be there when we showed up. It's hard when people won't keep commitments but it's still looking up. I will let you know how it goes with our people when we get to meet with them again. This week tho we got a new guy from the sisters who seems cool and we also found another girl knocking on her door.  They both seem pretty interested so hopefully that all works out. The most important thing to remember in life tho is to just do God's will and let him show you the path he wants you to take. If you humble yourself and let God guide you, I promise you that you will be happy.

To be honest tho, I don't have much to write about. Like it was a good week but just kinda the basic missionary stuff. We got to move someone on Saturday.  I love doing service so that was good!  I hope you all have a good week.  Always remember how important the gospel is and to seek God's will. I love you all.  Keep me updated on the sports world... I'm never mad to get an email about that hahaha! Anyway I'll talk to you next week. 

Elder imlay

Monday, February 26, 2018

Hey squad

Sorry this email is gonna be a short one. We had a zone activity today so I don't have a ton of time to write. We went out to Long Beach and played sports and chilled on the beach with like the whole zone! I don't have pictures yet so I will send them next week! It was great to chill with Elder Harris and the other homies in the zone!

This week has been good! Our investigators are progressing and hopefully we will have a lot of them to go to church this week! We also have a new family that we found on the bus! They are way solid so hopefully everything will go well with them! I'll give more details on our people next week!

We were able to say bye to the Ballards (Bermuda couple) on Thursday.  Me, Elder Harris and Elder Faussett got to chill with them and go out to lunch and hang with them for the day. It was so awesome and I miss them so much! Also the temple was awesome on Tuesday.  I got to do 2 baptismal interviews for the most awesome people ever....Ivan was baptized on Sunday and we got teach at it.  It was a super spiritual experience.

Sorry it is a busy day and everything is just crazy. I love you all so much!  Mom and Dad you are literally the biggest examples and I cant put into words how much I love you.  Cam and Kaler I couldnt ask for better joke I love you and will see you soon!  Fine 9 you know we back at it soon! And everyone else really I love you all so much! I know that this gospel is the purpose of this life and there is nothing more important.

Elder Imlay

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Yo what's good fam

Well dang this was a quicker week. It was a really great one! Definitley settled back in now in New York. It's pretty great, I'm loving it here and the food is just the greatest hahahaha!  It warmed up for the most part, only got a lil snow.  I wish I could even tell like a half about my week.  The work is going so great and so much happened so I'll try my best. My companion is super dope I love this guy and the gospel is so true.  I've learned so much and a lot is thanks to Bermuda.  Anyway congrats to Kanon on hitting that year mark, fine 9 less than a year til the reunite, keep ballin.

Anyway this week we had tons of meetings but it was dope cause I got to chill with Elder Harris and Faussett and talk about old times and Bermy.  Harris is the homie of the year....hopefully we get back together!  So if you were watching the huge Chinese New Year parade in flushing New York, you betcha your boi was in that!  Our zone got to wear yellow helping hands vests and us missionaries marched in the parade.  It was so sick!  I'll send a couple pics it was so fun!

Also this week was good with our investigators. We fasted for Princess and for her mom to be able to have a softened heart and we are still pending the result so we will see what happens.  She's literally the GOAT!  Also we were able to meet with Yvonne, the Earls and Helen and no joke they are all so dope and progressing especially Helen.  She said she was down to be baptized. So much happened and we out here grinding! It was a great week I wish I could talk about everyone.

We also got hooked up by the members with the grub.  It's a tiny ward but I'm liking it already. If I could share anything with whoever reads this (probably just my mom) is that the gospel needs to become a part of who you are. Let it sink deep and let your desires be pure.   Having pure love and a desire to do good. It's changing my life everyday.

I'm hitting up the temple today and I'm so stoked cause its been a minute! Also be on that look out for more heat coming missions album is coming together. Shout out to VH out in Bermy keep grinding. Love you all have a good one....hit me up. I suck at writing I wish I could talk to you all! Have a good week

Elder koby imlay

Bro Sukraj from my first area came and hooked us up with Wendy's

Monday, February 12, 2018

What's up all!

Well life is completely 100 percent different than the last time I talked to you all.  Its been a crazy week and I can't believe how fast tho all goes.  First thing is I am now back in NY and I was put back in queens....I am now in Jamaica queens! I think I'm supposed to be in Queens my whole mission.....haha. I am still a district leader and I'm actually in a Haitian creole pool. My companion's name is Elder Joseph and he is a such a homie....I love the guy a lot.  We are gonna put in the work! He's been out about 7 months and he's from Haiti!

On Tuesday me and Sis Ririe flew in and being at transfer meeting and back in NY was like a huge shock. I'm still adjusting but I'm way more settled now. I miss Bermuda more than I can explain but this is where I'm supposed to be and I like it here a lot!

Pros of being in NY: I got to see my  missionary squad and old homies, fast flipping food, dollar slice pizza, normal prices, people will actually be taught the gospel.

Cons: It's literally the arctic circle out here.   When I left bermy it was 72 degrees.   Other than that New York is pretty lit.

The week was so crazy and I can't write about everything.  I will say that we have some solid people and we found 2 more solid people this week! I will talk about them more in upcoming weeks!  Princess, Yuvicka, Asha, and Yvonne! I'm excited for them all and hopefully soon we can get them baptized. I saw God's hand in the work this week I can tell you.

The gospel is true and completely life changing.  Thank you all for being a part of my life!  When I got back to NY the days were super hard and it felt like I had left my family again, but the work and being blessed brought me back up and this is where I need to be.
keep it chill
Elder Imlay

Naveen (previous investigator came and saw me)

Monday, February 5, 2018

Hey Guys

It's been the quickest week of my life, feels like my final week back home.  It's crazy that my time here is up and I'm going to miss it more than anything, but I'm only the person I am today because of heavenly father and I trust his will for me! Trust the process. I have no idea where I will be going, I will let you all know next week!  This week was the best tho and very busy!

Mom you gonna be proud....I played a song in sacrament meeting.  It was the closing hymn and I played "Did You Think to Pray" hahaha.  It was pretty dope and I only screwed up one time so it wasn't too bad.   This week was super dope because we got to play golf twice hahaha!  Never played on my mission and then 2 times in a week.  We went out with Pres Hofines  and then with Bro Butterfield a couple days later.  That was super fun and I'll send some pics.  Tiger wasn't there until the final 9 that we played but don't worry I came through .

Anyway we visited a ton of members to say goodbye this week and we also got to meet with this investigator family.  They are a family of 5 and super normal and sincere so that was super cool.  I'm excited to see what happens while VH teaches them.

Dang I'm just gonna miss the people here so much and to be honest it's gonna suck not being comps with VH.  It's been the GOAT the last 3 I love the guy so much and homies for life.  Nothing but's like leaving the fine 9.  We also got to play our final basketball in bermy and it was lit.  I can't tell you how cool it is what we are doing in that's crazy how many people we are involved with because of that.

Anyway I ain't gonna say to much more. I have a testimony that God's will is what we need to do. Always know that we are the ones in control of our future. We choose to follow God and we are our own judges. I love you all and miss ya!  Read the book of Mormon everyday it's such a blessing and life changing.

Shout out to the eagles, thanks for beating the cheats.. and shout out to Hadley on the mission call...that's dope. I was hoping you'd be a little more northeast but that's way cool good luck!  Happy Birthday Grandma!!  Peace out and talk to you next week from NY

Elder Imlay