Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Hey everyone! How goes It?

It has been a crazy last couple of weeks filled with some awesome experiences and it's been really fun! I was able to see Gods had in my life as I continue to progress and then see it help our people we are working with!  I'm loving Terryville so far and Elder Powell. He's already one of my favorite companions and we get it done together. Time is flying out here its crazy!

Last week we saw something way cool happen as we decided where we were going for the night.  We had a lady who had requested a Book of Mormon and that night seemed right to go over even tho she wasn't answering. So we were planning on trying to contact her and then just work in her area. When we got there we saw a family at the house who had all their stuff on the front lawn. We asked what was up and if the needed help.  They had just got evicted and we're moving all there stuff to a  place where it wouldn't get wet and they were trying to find what they needed. There just happen to be Nina's (the lady we had BOM for) neighbors. We helped them for the rest of the night really.  They had a son who was about 15 and we talked to him about ball and got his mind of everything. They are such an awesome family and they were so grateful for what we did. When we were almost done, Nina came out and asked who we were and saw us helping.  I was able to go off to the side and talk with her. She was so impressed what were doing and wanted to listen so I taught her quickly about the Book of Mormon and how it could change her life while my companion was still grinding! Nina felt the spirit strong and wants us to come back.  She had to reschedule because of her health but we should be seeing her soon and the family we helped as well when they get everything together.  Erik, the young son, is coming to play ball with us on Saturday. God puts you in places if you are humble enough to ask him. I'm still trying to overcome myself everyday and just let him work in my life. I'm not the best but it is a life changing thing and I invite you all to let him guide your life.

Sorry you get a long email cause it's been awhile. If you are still reading you are OG. Other highlights this week was the 4th, which was super fun.  The members hook it up!  Also thank you all for the birthday wishes. It was one of the best birthdays ever. I'm so grateful for all of you for my family and my grandmas and my friends and all the members here who made it amazing! Reggie this 82 year old homie took all of us elders out that night for steaks and lobster so that was pretty awesome!

Lastly Silvia is doing great.  We had two lessons with her this week out of the Book of Mormon and she is starting to get her answer. She was literally about to come to church but then got a call that her granddaughter was in the hospital and she needed to be there...so this week is the one! She is progressing and so is her husband Herman! It's cool to see the people we are working with make changes in there lives and be willing. Cesar is a returning member we are working with who is trying to get back to church! Has been growing and it is such an example to me. Being friends and caring about someone works.  We've spent a lot of time with Cesar, going to dinner, having lessons, playing ball, all kinds of things and his testimony has grown so much.....I wish you could all see it.

Everything is great out here. President Tuescher is amazing! We had zone conference with them yesterday and what he taught was amazing. He is powerful and I love him and know he was called here for a reason. I am super stoked to work with him!

Here's a ton of pictures. Shout out to Elder Chase Jensen and my boys coming to visit!

Elder Imlay

Monday, June 25, 2018

Hey Homies!

What a week out here on Long Island. We've been busy and it's been super fun! If I hadn't already mentioned this place is nothing like anything I've done on my mission.  Its like I'm new again but wow it's cool to see the other side.  So a great thing we have is our nice whip (or car for mom if she knows those terms) that gets us places on time and to more places which is super good!  Also our ward is so awesome like they are so strong and take care of us so much and really want to be involved in the work.  It's such a blessing and I hope i can be like that when I get home.

Some of the things that are different is all the white not so nice people who we meet, who are 95 percent of the time Catholic!  We had such a busy week but had a lot of time to try and find some people.  Literally there was one street of probably about 15 houses and every person was Catholic that we knocked hahaha, but we scraped a couple return appointments and a guy named Brian seems pretty interested! I'm not in my element anymore in the city having the brothers let me in their houses cause I said "what's good brother".

Quick update on our solid people tho! Silvia and Herman, the two we are teaching are super awesome.  We had an amazing lesson with them on Wednesday and I know they know the church is true.  The spirit is crazy when we are there it's the coolest thing ever and I know it's because of how awesome they are and open to us.  Please pray for them to take action on those feelings.  We also have a ton of less active who we are working with and they are coming back and it's so cool to see that like this dude named Cesaer!  Its a story for a another time but we are seeing success!

Lastly we've been grinding out the service and it's been cool to help out so many people in different ways....it just feels good to be out there doing that.  My continued challenge to all of you is to make someone happy every day.  One thing I've learned on my mission and from my mom and dad is that when you are caught up in helping others be happy and showing Christine love, you are the happiest you will ever be!

Anyways this is super long but ya do what you gotta do. Our mission merges this week and we get a new president so that should be cool to see the direction we take.  There's definitely always room for improvement!  I hope you all are doing awesome and have a great week!  Go say what's up to my dude Rocky.  lLove you take care and find joy in the journey!

Elder Imlay 

This homie named Reggie in our ward who is 82.....he's like such a bro and took us out for prime rib!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Hey squad.

Well it was a quick week since it's only been since last Wednesday but the work rolled on and it was a good week. I hope all is well back home and I love to hear some updates!  I can't believe kaler graduated atta baby.....I had bets against you so way a prove me wrong....Just kidding!  Anyway quick shout out to the fine 9 love you guys and especially Brad and Blake.....Happy 20th birthday to both of you (Brad a few days ago and Blake in a couple)!

So this week we had just one of our investigators at church, Marsen!  He's part of a part-member family and it's looking cool for him. He's a little shy and awkward but I'm loosening him up.  He's such a cool guy and progressing!  We also had 2 cool new investigators come this week from referrals! We taught a dude named Lawrence who had a room with all mirrors in it kinda weird, but the guy was way awesome and interested in reading the BoM. We showed him the connection from John 10:16 to 3rd Nephi and he's on his way.  We are seeing him again tomorrow. Also taught a guy named John who is a pastor that said he's been seeing the Book of Mormon most of his life and it was time to find out for himself what it is.  We shortly explained the restoration and it clicked and he's now studying! God definitely is preparing John and it's cool to see it.

Lastly quick update on the fam I told you about last week.  I can't spell the last name so we will leave it at that. We had an amazing lesson with them reading from 1 Nephi 3 and how God will prepare a way for them to follow him and to read the scriptures and come to church. The spirit was super strong and I have a testimony that when you are being yourself and you use your testimony and share it with others, it changes lives. I know these seems super cliche but I challenge y'all to share your testimony with someone this week, even if it's family!

Anyway I love you All! Nothing too exciting other than that. My companion is super awesome...I love elder Bennion.   It's the last week of transfers so I will let you know what happens next Week!  I am sending a couple pics. Saturday we had a BBQ and we were the grillers hahaha, which was super dope! Anyway have a great week. Go warriors!

Elder Imlay

That pasta was a Koby special!

Monday, May 21, 2018


Well it's been 72 weeks and there comes a point with everything in life when you feel comfortable and confident about what you are doing.  However, out on a mission it's pretty hard with all the changes and stress everyday....next week could be a different story but right now I just feel so comfortable with where I'm at even tho it's still hard.  Missions are hard and you miss a lot of things and lots of people, but I feel comfortable. Being a missionary is life changing and anyone wondering if they should go and those who are preparing to go...I give you my testimony that it's made the biggest difference in my life and I'm more grateful than I can express!  Shout out to all the homies serving and those preparing! Good luck Sister Cowan!

It was a great week out here! I love where I'm at in Jamaica Queens.  It is such a unique place and I've been blessed with some of the most amazing people on my mission. I love the ward.  We've been working strongly with them trying to strengthen them and we had some way cool member visits this week! It's been way cool working with Elder Bennion. We have the same way of thinking and we are becoming really effective. With everything you do in life if you will just focus on letting God direct, he will.   Three of our investigators came to church....Madsen who is part of a part-member family that we've been working with, Steven who is kind of a bible basher but he came, and Rikiann who is amazing! Jamaica ward was able to have 7 investigators this week it was so pretty cool.  God has his timing but I know it because the ward has been stepping up and it is cool to see them starting to come together.

Rikiann is awesome.  She is from Jamaica and literally walked into church last week and we started teaching her and she came this week and she is so cool.  She has a member friend and I'm just excited to see her progress.  We were able to get a member to pick her up and bring her to church and it's cool to see that fellowship and again see the ward moving forward!  We also have another girl in high school who we've been teaching that we met on the bus.  She's super awesome and solid.  Her name is Crystal and I'll keep you updated. 

Sorry so long but it was a good week.   We had zone conference as well,  The Reynolds (President and wife) are leaving and that's pretty crazy but I'm excited to see what's coming in the future. FYI Im calling Warriors/Celtics in the finals. Congrats to Kaler on grad and everyone graduating!  And Happy Birthday pops!!

Final thought from a speaker yesterday....."discover who you are and what you want through prayer and go for it".  I know if you pray to God for the strength to find out what he wants you to do or to become, he will show you as you act and show your faith. I love you all and I miss ya a lot. I can't believe you get to see my boy Bunk dog soon! Have a great week and findjoyinthhejourney!

Elder Imlay

Monday, April 30, 2018


Quickest week I have had on my mission.  I'm staying in Jamaica and getting a new companion! It's going to be a homie not from our mission and Pres asked me to be his comp so that should be cool!
It's crazy and I'm excited for the next chapter of the mish.   VH is back and everything is going good! Sorry my email not gonna be that long!

Anyway we had tons of fun and got to visit some members this week.  We have been focus a ton on helping our ward.  Our ward struggles alot and I wish they could see the feelings of a ward like mine back home.  We are truly blessed and should be grateful for the things we got even the little things.  I love the people here and I hope they can overcome themselves and keep moving forward.

We also got to talk with our neighbor more and her family is super cool.  Hopefully in the near future they will decide to come as a family and when they come to church they are going to get sucked in I know it.  Also we got a new investigator named Jane who was about to be baptized in Nigeria but then moved here.  We got a blessing from God on that one and she should be baptized really soon! That kinda stuff doesn't happen in New York, but it's way cool so pray for her! It's been a good week and we've been busy and us homies here have been making the most of it cause we are about to be split up!

Love you all!   Go jazz!  I'll talk to yall next week!

Elder Imlay

Monday, April 2, 2018

What's up

I know that President Russell M Nelson is the prophet and he has been called of God and has been prepared to be here at this time. I know that we belong to the only true church and I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve here in New York and help in this work. Big things are coming for Christ's church here on earth and this conference was absolutely amazing. I learned so much this past weekend and I have so much I need to improve on and I just encourage you all to study the messages that our leaders have given to us. I could go on and on about my feelings about conference but I'll try to contain myself.

This week was way good and super quick. Some highlights....we were able to have zone conference which was actually really spiritual this time. I was able to give a talk on the atonement so that was cool. Then we were able to do a lot of service helping a member pack boxes into a storage unit and also a non-member move! Then we were also able to play basketball with the youth in our ward on Friday and that was way fun...only dunked on a couple of them. Last was conference.  We watched at the church and then with the Zimmermans who are a senior couple.  It was great and we got some great food.

Something way cool was we were able to get back with our investigator Yvonne. We had a way cool lesson on a little bit of the plan of salvation and receiving revelation for herself and family. The spirit was strong and I love them so much. One thing I learned from conference this week is that in the world we live, soon we will not be able to survive unless we can receive our own revelation. It's so important that we can communicate with God and discern his will for us.  Also we were able to get in contact with our investigators Sandra and Max. They are both kinda stuck but we are gonna work hard with them.  Tashon dropped us....I'm afraid he was just trying to get with the sisters so when they gave him to us, his answers to our questions about the book of Mormon were "where'd the girls go?"

Such a great week, I know that the prophet has been specifically prepared for this day. And also that true and pure love is the most important thing we can posses, I have so much to improve on. I love you all wherever you are at. Send me an email! I can't believe it's April....time is ticking away! My bracket got busted just like every year lol, but anyway have a great week. #findjoyinthejourney

-elder koby Imlay

Monday, March 26, 2018

Hey Homies

Another week down.....this week was slow but it was a good one! We got some snow.....I feel like all the snow got saved up during the winter so that when I got back from paradise it just started to fall hahaha!  We got a new elder in our district and his name is Elder Stubbs.  He's from the Bahamas and our district is the goat! I'm really loving Jamaica. We are having tons of fun and working really hard. I can see Gods hand in my life every day.

So this week we had transfers on Tuesday and my man Putoa is going home.  He is going to be a professional boxer so go watch him on TV.  We got to do some service helping a member move so that was way good. I haven't done much since being back from Bermuda. I love helping people like that....serving others brings so much joy into our lives.

So update on some of our people! Max is doing good and his family is awesome.  Slowly we are gonna get them solid and back at church and Max can be baptized!  We are going to have a lesson and talk about a baptismal date with him this week!  Tarah our investigator who is way solid actually lives out of our area, so we have to pass her to the other elders which means we won't get to baptize her but the most important thing is that she changed her life!  Tashon is being tricky but we are still working hard with him!  I'll keep you updated.

We are able to work with a lot of members as well and I love creating relationships with these people and helping them in their lives and I grow so much from them as well.  There are so many people I'm gonna have to come visit.  I know the most effective way of sharing the gospel and helping people and finding happiness in my own life is by helping those close around us and serving them.

Anyway. I'm super pumped for General Conference and Easter coming up this week!  Be sure to let me know your favorite talk.  Kaler better not be taking a nap like we used to in the good ole days hahaha!  I love conference and I'm pumped to hear what our new prophet has to say! I love you all. Shout out to K9 on that birthday big 20! Keep grinding out there! Have a great week.

Elder Imlay

p.s my bracket is bomb. go Loyola