Friday, June 23, 2017

Yo squad

This was the most insane week in the mission so far! I know it's only Friday, but more than y'all can imagine has happened. I got tons of pictures to send but first just wanna say love the fam and love the boys <3 every week! The family and the boys keep me going! I would like for everyone to go read he talk by Pres Monson in April 2014, called "Love, the essence of the gospel". That is what this is about....that is what we all need and I know loving others and showing Christlike love no matter what the circumstance is what his gospel is about. I challenge everyone of you to do this with me! From now on every day I will write in a little journal how I showed someone love that day. I want everyone who reads this to try it with me and let's see how it changes us! I will keep you updated every week how it's going, and everyone that tries send me an email how it's going for you! I know this is the true church and New York is where I'm supposed to be!.....

But speaking about that, I got a call from President on Wednesday morning while we were in Richmond hill, my old area, on exchanges and he told me I will be going to Bermuda on August 22!!!!!! (If you are elder VH, Asplund, or Jensen... Dont tell anyone im going haha).  One elder goes every 2 transfers (every 3 months) so I will be leaving then and I'm so stoked for the opportunity! It's so freaking lit. I still can't even process it in my mind I'm so hyped. Mom no vacationing there, I know you will be tempted. But i will be here for 6 months! But enough of that I could go on forever!

It's Friday and I'm emailing because we are going to Manhattan right now with Willie to the temple, which is super dope too! Everything is too awesome. This week was great! We had zone leader exchanges like I said and i was in my old area and that was awesome.  I've been seeing elder Creager a ton it's dope.  While were were there, we got on top of their building roof and got some sick pictures, which I will send!  The work in far rockaway is's sad cause I won't be here long cause Bermuda is calling my name.  Something awesome is we put John on baptismal date and will baptize him at the beginning of July! Missionary work changes lives and even though it's hard it's worth it. If a guy like me can do it, I know everyone reading this can do a million times better so share the happiness we have with everyone around you.

I love you all. Squad for life. Keep it chill in STG it's the promised land. Dueces till next week. Love you mom and dad kaler and cam! Best family in the world

- ya boi elder Imlay

These pics are dope! I'll send a lot.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Hey team!

Happy father's day! I hope all of you had a great day and just wanna let good ole pops know that I love him a lot and I dont know where I would be without you. You truly are the greatest guy in the world, and even tho I'm stronger than you, your still pretty cool!

Anyway I'm writing this email on a samsung smart phone right now so that's pretty weird. Our mission is a test mission for samsung smart phones, so on Wednesday we got our phones and turned out tablets in for like a month while we see how the phones work. If it all goes well we will have the phone and our tablet so double the goods. its been pretty cool tho and actually helped a lot. It feels weird to have a phone in my pocket but I think that this is the future for all missionaries.

This week was super Good! Pretty basic week but we found 3 new investigators this week and I'm hoping the work keeps picking up! We taught Nadine and her 2 sons and it was awesome. Keep praying for them and hopefully they will come to church this next week and take the invitation to be baptized. Narcich is the oldest son and he's dope, we're gonna ball soon.

Tuesday was dope. Taco bell was giving out free tacos cause the warriors won so you know we went and got some free tacos. Then on Wednesday we had megazone conference so that was awesome getting to see all the missionaries. It's like a high school reunion.

Thursday we knocked a lot of doors. I love knocking a sharing my testimony to people. When people see how sincere you are and how this truly is life changing they want to give it a chance. I love to see people feel the spirit!  We get rejected and people blow off our appointments so much, but it's all good. I know this is the Lord's work and I'm just working hard and he will do what he wants to do! Also keep Shawn from rego park in your prayers, my boy needs prayers.

Saturday was so fun, there was a youth conference in Woodside NY, and it was all about getting the youth ready for missions. A ton of us missionaries went and helped train them on knocking teaching and being a missionary.  It was awesome, and I got to see some of my rego park homies.  I think our stake in utah should consider doing that. On Saturday night we had a dope party in our branch for father's day.

The work is difficult. And very frustratnig sometime cause I wanna help these people but we can only do so much. Everyone just always look around and try and share your light with people. D&C 115:5!!!! Shout out to K9 on that one. I love you peeps and life is Gucci out here on the beach and I'm loving it. Keep being a great supporting cast...Love you all! Keep me updated on the golf tournaments!

Elder Imlay

PS Also be on the lookout for my new song I'm dropping in the next couple weeks they are gonna be lit.

Also RIP to fifa I'll miss that dog.

Monday, June 12, 2017

What up squad.

What a freaking crazy week! This was a good week and I'm loving far rockaway, like a ton. I love my comp! He's mad dope and we get along so good.  We laugh so much and have tons of fun but we also work hard! Last Monday was P-days which are the dopest. We played soccer on the beach, basketball on a beachside court and beach football! And we have 7 elders so it's way fun.

This week was awesome.  The ward here in far rockaway is really small and the work right now is slow, but for sure it's gonna pick up now! We have been trying to find people to teach and get solid people. We have found tons of cool people but the return appointment just is not happening and these people just disappear.  Finally yesterday we met this family from Jamaica and the are so awesome. Nadine and her kids! We will be teaching them all tons now and they were like legit excited to read the book of mormon! I will keep you updated on them!

I'm getting to know the ward way better now, and it's small but the people here are great and we just have a lot of work to do as missionaries! The young men and women in the branch are super awesome.  This guy named brad is 18 about to graduate and is super dope. He loves the church and missionaries and is planning on going soon but he makes music for fun so we re recorded airmish....I will send you the song in the email!  Clarence is the 14 year old guy who is sick! He comes out and does work with us all the time and chills with us! Also Shawn's ex-wife lives down here in far rock so I'm gonna go convert her as well and tell her she screwed up cause Shawn is the dopest guy ever hahaha!

Tuesday was fun we had exchanges and I was with elder Vargas so in a Spanish pool! It was cool to just sit there and try and understand Spanish when they speak. I'm gonna pick it up someday hahaha. Thursday and Saturday in the mornings we helped sister Otoo in our ward paint her wall! It was so fun and I'll send some pics. She also cooked us breakfast and hooked it up with some food to bring home. Then Thursday night we were at the Dure families house and that's when Brad helped us produce our song! We also got a nail in our tire so we had to go to Lynbrook to get it fixed so we checked out the mall why we were there which was awesome hahaha.

We ran into this cool Jewish family while knocking and they became our new best friends. We went in and they fed us.  Some were a little drunk but it was hilarious because one of them wanted us to drink some Jack Daniels!  But we got to testify about the book of Mormon and I can definitely tell you all that that is a true book. We hold the evidence to find out if our church is true in our hands and still we don't dive into like we should. Everyone go watch President Holland's talk called Safety for the Soul. Sometime I hope to have the condition he does about the book of Mormon.

My emails are so long I'm sorry....weeks are crazy out here and I wanna tell y'all everything but I can't even get like half. I hope you all have a great week. Warriors are gonna win tonight so send me a championship hat. You so have been slacking on the sports updates. But anyway love you all....shout out to kaler at EFY, probably kissed 3 chicks (following in his bros footsteps hahahaha).  Cam out there putting in work, love you man!  Mom and dad I love you so much! Shout out to the squad fine 9 for life boys. Shout out to VH in Lynbrook keep ballin!

Love you all.

Elder YK imlay


Monday, June 5, 2017

Aye everyone!!

This week was so dope!! I got traded this transfer (trynna win the nba finals out here and get a ring!) No but really I'm still in the hood and I'm so pumped! I got moved to Far Rockaway, which is the peninsula island at the bottom of queens and it is filthy awesome. I miss the people in rego a lot but this place is gonna be way cool! I got a new companion and his name is elder McCleary! He is was dope, I love the guy we are gonna have such a fun transfer and I'm way excited. Elder McCleary is from the factory, Kaysville Utah.  He went to the same high school as elder snell! But we get along so well and he's already my boi love the guy. I miss rego a ton because of the people but I'm way excited to be here in far rockaway.

It's crazy how much things change when you get transferred! Legit everything is like brand new! 1st we have a car now so that's dope! I'm gonna get mad fat but I don't care it's pretty cool! Our area is tiny but we still got a car. 2nd my apartment is so freaking nice, like I'm living luxury. We got a dishwasher and a washing machine. It's crazy dope up in here, and our apartment is legit like 500 yard from the beach. It's like the most ghetto, hood area in the mission but we got the most luxury crib ever. 3rd new comp and district but they are all so cool so I'm way pumped to be with them. 4th our branch is so tiny we meet in like the 4th floor of the rando building and only like 55 people are in our ward and it's mostly Spanish people so we have to wear headsets and get it translated into English. This place is so cool! And the weather is so nice right now. It's right by the ocean so we've been chilling at like 70 degrees all week I'm hyped.

This week we've been having lots of fun and working way hard. Every morning we go to the beach and play ball at the courts or like throw Frisbee or football on the beach it's so cool. But we've been meeting with a lot of people, Willie and Sashana got baptized like 2 weeks ago so we are working with them a lot. We are taking Willie to the temple on June 17. He is in a wheelchair and he is such a stud I love that guy! But we have been knocking a lot trying to find new investigators and we found some way cool people this week so I'll keep you updated. Keep praying for all our people especially Willie, Sashana, John, and Quay and bryce!

At the start of February our mission president challenged us to read the whole Book of Mormon by may 31st and I was able to read the last to chapters on may 31st so I was excited to meet the goal, and I promise you guys that that's a true book and if you need help in your life with anything turn to the book of Mormon. I challenge you to read it daily and watch it change your life.

I love you all so much. Kaler & Cam you guys are awesome keep ballin out. Mom dad you guys are literally the best ever and I'm so grateful. Fine 9 I wish you were here on the beach with me, but know I'm praying for you and all every day. We met this guy named Shawn with his girlfriend in there car and he was way dope. He's been texting us finals score updates and he was hilarious, big black guy. I challenged him to a game of 2 on 2 and if we win then he comes to church so we are playing him later tonight! Last dope thing we were teaching Willie last night and after our lesson he turned on game 2 and we watched the last 5 mins of the first quarter it was way tight.

My email is way to long but love you all keep me updated and here's some pictures. Send me all letters and packages at this address!

Elder Imlay


6604 Seaspray Ave apt 2
Arverne NY 11692