Monday, May 29, 2017

Hello eryone

There bouta be a huge change up! 21 weeks out here and it's been amazing, long, short, every emotion jammed in. This week I got some inside information early about where I'm going. Transfers are on Tuesday and we usually get a call Monday morning telling you if you are staying in your area or leaving and then they don't tell you where you are going til Tuesday! But I got some info and I will be getting transferred and I'm going to the Hamptons...I'm pretty sure haha! I'm very bummed about leaving Rego. I can't imagine being in a different area because this place feels like home. I have a lot more people I will be keeping in contact with every week. Luckily we have a BBQ today for the ward so I can say final goodbyes. Leaving Shawn is gonna be hard. He spoke in church yesterday and with simple, gangsta, loving words he gave the best talk ever. I felt the spirit so strong.  I can't even believe I will be on the tip of long island in a couple of days. Also leaving Adrian. He is getting baptized on Saturday and it sucks I have to miss it cause he had asked me to baptize him. He was not too happy when I said I was leaving. We will be tight forever, Adrian is a great guy! But not gonna get to deep cause I legit will start crying, I love Rego Park and I hope I come back somehow.

This week was insane and fast. Tuesday we went to a funeral for a person's husband in our ward and it was sad....funerals are the worst. Then Wednesday we met this Guyanese women that genuinely thought she was Hillary Clinton. We filmed her for 13 minutes so one day I will show you the footage. You know me as well I was mad provoking her, asking about Monica Lewinsky and all the good stuff haha. Also that day on Wednesday we found 3 new investigators. The work here in rego is going great. Sucks I have to leave cause baptisms and great things are gonna happen here real soon. Guess my job was just to get the ball rolling. We watched this way cool subway performer this week as well and I will send I short clip of what he was doing! We were talking to Adrian on Facebook and he called us up and was watching the Celtics Cavs game and he was like holding his phone to the TV so I could watch hahaha, I love that guy. But the weekend was great and I wish I could talk about every experience cause it was good! Found 2 more investigators on Saturday.  We really have been eating some dang good food. My budgeting this month needed some help. Bro sukraj who I will tell you some awesome stories about when I come home, but that guy is a strait champ. He calls like everyone of our investigators like everyday and just hangs with them and is just the best friend! He's crazy but is such a stud I really appreciate what he does.

This email is getting to long so I won't throw anymore, even tho there is so much. Our apartment has a deck and I go out and just sit there at nights and it's crazy to think about everything. I pray for you all everyday. Fine 9 keep doing you! Yall are the greatest motivation and I send my love. The reunite is a day closer everyday. Family I legit couldn't ask for anything more perfect than you guys, I can't even put into words how much you guys mean to me. I love you all, and next week I'm gonna be with the rich white people but that's all good. I'm actually way bummed to leave the hood. This is where I belong, but we be back. Keep it chill my homies. Find joy in the journey and keep me updated. I'll send my new address soon.

Deuces from ya boi elder koby imlay

Pics and a video
-Yoshi is the cutest and hugged my leg and got our last picture
-Shawn a squad
-Sister Persinger  (garbage)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Aye yo.

So we are ballin out here in rego! First things first I should have told you all that my p day was Tuesday this week. We had interviews and meetings yesterday so we had to switch it! I love rego park. I love the people and the missionaries in our district. Not gonna lie I miss my boy Elder Asplund!

This week was way gucci. Sickest part was Saturday we had this ward party and that thing was lit. Had a dope talent show and food and auction and it helped so much for the members and our investigators. It was awesome because Naveen showed up with brother Sukraj and he is doing great and I think in the next month or 2 he should be able to get Sundays off work. Adrian is ballin out....this guy is so cool! He's comparable to Shawn I love him so much. He came on Sunday and is going to get baptized may 27 and I'm pumped. He is super dope and coming to the church with us in a little to play basketball. Elder Snell doesn't play any sports so I guess me and Adrian will go 1 on 1 hahaha!

The work is going way good here and I'm excited about the things happening. Friday was super fun me and elder cahan went on exchanges. I love that guy!   He's been here the whole time I have and we had a super fun day. We bought matching ties and I gave a book of Mormon to the cashier and she was super dope hahaha. We also moved apartments this week to the apartment next door! It's way nice and I like it, but I miss the frat house days. We moved the office elders upstairs it was way fun and I love being with those guys and the District cuz I get along with them all so well. We also were moving this couch and we couldn't get it out so we muffed it up. Ha I'll send pics. It was a good week and I'm ballin out just trynna do some good work.

I heard the Jazz are getting killed by the Warriors but that's alright next year! I love all my hittas, fine 9 for life. I watched the video I made for the squad the other day and it made me cry miss you all a ton keep ballin. Love you fam, kaler cam, mom, dad you guys are the best and will see you next week! I will be skyping around 2:30 your time so be ready!

Elder koby imlay

P.s Asplund likes dudes
P.s VH one day we will be comps

here's some pics

Monday, May 1, 2017


LET'S GO JAZZ!!! They are gonna beat the Warriors in game 7 as well. I'm calling it and I'm a missionary so it is going to come true.

I know you all have super busy life's and don't wanna hear me go on and on about here so I will make this one short. This week was pretty good. I ate so much pizza this week and Friday to Saturday we ate it for 3 straight meals. This weekend we were like the moving crew...3 families in our ward were moving this weekend and the elders quorum and us were running around helping people move. It's fun to move people when they live on the 18th floor of apartment buildings and you gotta take everything thru the elevator hahaha! But that's why I got so much pizza.  It's like an unwritten rule to buy the people helping you move pizza!

The weekend was super fun cause we were with the district and the elders a lot. But also this week we got to meet with a lot of people and I know your prayers are helping! My favorite person ever Adrian Gonzales, our investigator, is getting baptized on may 27 and I am so excited for him! The dude is such a champ and I love creating relationships with people out here that I know will last forever. I'm super grateful for the work that I get to do. We are moving apartments tomorrow! Right next door and the apartment is super nice so we are excited.

I can't believe it is already feels like I just graduated yesterday. But I can tell you that this is the Lord's work and we couldn't do it without him. Love you family and friends. You all mean so much to me and I miss you all alot. In 2 weeks I will be skyping around 4:30 my time, so 2:30 in STG! I will let you know for sure but have a great week until next week.

Elder Imlay