Monday, August 14, 2017


CONGRATULATIONS TO CARTER AND ADRIAN!!! That's my by Carter, atta kid. I can believe you are married. It feels like yesterday you offered to get me some booz cause you just turned 21. nah really congrats Carter, I love you man!

This week tho was super sick! Tuesday at the Brooklyn bridge was way cool.  Then on our way back to far rockaway we stopped in Brooklyn to say bye to elder jensen since he goes home tomorrow that's crazy! then that night our Haitian friend fed us some A+ salmon! I'm gonna miss her so much she's the best as are really all the people here in far rockaway.

We have been doing some serious work out here as well. One thing I'm really bummed about is that we will be having 4 baptisms next transfer! Freaking 4!!!It's crazy, Dean is champing out and he has set his mind to stop smoking completely Aug 25 and then baptized early September!  love the guy even tho he's a little wack, but that's far rock for ya. Michelle and her son Michael are as champ as investigators come. Michael is 12 and came to church with us (Michelle had to work), but he loved it and Michele said she will do whatever it takes to come to church even if it's quitting her current job, She has so much faith and is so prepared! I can't wait for them to be baptized mid September! Ariana Siddoway (she's the little girl in the back of the BBQ pic), she's gonna get baptized next transfer too! President Romeo said she had to wait 3 months and it's been like 2! But there is so much success here in far rockaway and right now if you would all pray for the Phipps family our investigators, as their dad just passed away. I know that the plan of salvation has truly been a comfort to them and they really need prayers.

We had a BBQ with the Siddoways on Saturday! I freaking love their family! Sis Siddoway made some really Gucci grub. Then that night we went to a meeting in Woodside! and the stake presidency talked about priesthood and youth the entire time! They talked about how our ward needs to know the youth and be involved and I thought back to my sage hollow ward and I was like dang we were awesome! We have a special place we live in back home and the people there are 1 in a million.

Im excited to hit up Bermuda in 8 days. It's been a journey and it just continues! There is a scripture in 2 Nephi 31:20 it says: "this is the way, and there is no other way or name given that men can be saved in the kingdom of god". Always remember the big picture of life, and find joy in the journey!

Love ya'll... huge shout out to the squad. K9, Gavi, ty...all about to train new missionaries good luck! Shout out to kaler senior year let's get it boi. and My boi cam good luck with the double school my man! Mom and Dad you are just the champiest. Lucky I'm not there to whip y'all up in guitar hero, that's my game

Talk to you next week last time before Bermy

Elder Imlay

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hey family and friends and Gavin!

Just kidding love you so much Gav...just thought I'd give you a shout out cause you are  so close but so far away! NY for life!

This week was super dope! for Pday, we played ball the usual, then we went mini golfing as a district that was so fun!  Our district is pretty sick right now! Me and Elder Cinteon went on exchanges! I love that guy so much...he goes home to puerto rico in like 2 weeks its crazy! He's awesome and we had a good day!

We have been working a lot with our people and being blessed with new ones! We were able to teach Dean like 3 times this week and he went from smoking almost a pack of cigarettes a day down to 1 or none a day.  This is God's work!!  He also came to church and I'm excited for Dean to be baptized in the near future! Also a blessing this week is we we got a referral for a lady named Michelle and she is prepared. It's like coming home from practice to mom's cooking waiting for you... she is so ready and she loves the gospel. She was taught back in 2008 but needed some time. Her son is 12 and is awesome! Pray for her to get this new job she applied for because if she gets it then no more working on Sundays and she can get baptized in 3 weeks!

I wrote the first of this email this morning and then I've been in Rego park and Brooklyn all day! It was such a good day and I'll send lots of pics. Glenn game and visited and it was way awesome! he hooked us up with some awesome food! It was a sick day! We painted the Siddoways house this week which was lit!

Love you all!  (Sorry for the crazy email).  

Elder Imlay

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hey fam

What's up, everyone! I know it's Tuesday but we had to switch P days because of interviews. They went super awesome I love meeting with President.   First off next week P day will be Tuesday as well cause elder Putoa is going to the temple! But I can't believe it week 30 and it's August. I've been out like 7 months. Shout out to Rocky for hitting that year mark tomorrow! Also happy birthday to Brayson Hurdsman!

On Tuesday last week we get a call from President Reynolds, the champ, and he says there is a couple missionaries at JFK who missed their flight to Ukraine and they've been there all night. So we went and got them and went to IHOP and let them sleep in our beds and then took them back to the airport later that today. Kinda funny and they are going to Ukraine so RIP boys.

Then on Wednesday I was able to interview Jesse and see if he was ready to be baptized! It was my first interview and it was so cool to see how his testimony has grown and I felt the spirit so strong when he testified to me. He was baptized in Saturday. I love the guy.  I was able to give him a white shirt and a tie as a gift.

Our car has been over heating and while me and elder gover were on exchanges (from the guy), we had to take he car into the shop and they said after 2 hours of waiting that it wouldn't be done till tomorrow so we then had to walk 5 miles back to the church in far rockaway. Super lit. Hahaha but we bought some lemonade from some kids so it was Gucci. Then some young women tried to hit on us as they drove by and then flipped around and then flipped around again. So funny!!! We finally ended up getting out car back on Saturday so that was good.

This week was great, we found 4 new investigators and the Barrington family is super prepared. We are going to put them on baptismal date this week. We also set a baptismal date for Dean this week so that was awesome and he committed to stop smoking and coffee yesterday he is so willing and so prepared. I'm sad that I won't be here for these baptisms probably but I'm just gonna do all i can to get them as close as possible so I know they happen! We haven't been able to meet with Cathy, but Sandra is still progressing...she will take some time but I know eventually she will come around! Keep praying it helps a lot and thank you so much!

Sunday was 5th Sunday so on Friday branch President was like frick what we gonna do so he calls me and is like we are gonna do missionary Sunday.  For all 2 hours after sacrament meeting us missionaries had to teach....for 2 hours hahaha, but we made it so fun and we got so many referals from it. It was awesome. Also had to give a talk in sacrament meeting so that was crazy but it went pretty good I'd say!

Best thing about far rockaway is every morning we go to the courts and play ball all 4 of us elders. It's so lit, I miss playing and ballin with the squad. But we are earning mad street cred out here. Nobody has beat the white boys yet haha!

I really want you all to know that I love you. Cameron I can't thank you enough for the example you are to me. Kaler you've always been there and I love you! Thanks for being amazing brothers. Mom and dad there are no 2 people out there greater than you so thank you. I want everyone to know that this gospel blesses families and that I have a testimony of everything that we teach about. I know the book of Mormon is true and if you read it with a sincere heart it will change your life. Put this first before everything, don't stress, rely on Him and everything will be okay

It's ya boy

Elder Imlay ๐Ÿ‘Œ

1: funny guy in our ward
2: all the ties
3: Forbes' baby
4: back in the stone age of missionary work๐Ÿ˜‚
5: Sergio
6: Jesse after his baptism