Monday, April 24, 2017

Yo what's up fam & everyone,

This week was Flippin crazy. It was super lit and the work is going very well! To start my new companion is Elder Snell. He is from Kaysville Utah (everyone on the mission is from freaking utah). He has been out 9 months and he's a good missionary! I got so much respect for my trainer Elder Asplund! That guy is my man,  I actually miss the guy a lot and I'm so gratrful for him and the work we did here in rego! But it's crazy, I have to lead our pool of people and it's just a whole new look on missionary work, it changed a ton but I like it. This place is like my home now, I know all these people in our ward and it is such an awesome place to be.

This week was dope.  We had transfers on Tuesday which are the coolest days in the mission cause you get to see the squad! Got to see my boy VH, shout out to him. But we had a solid week this week and the Lord blessed us a lot for our hard work! So an awesome thing happened...this guy about Cameron's age texted us and wants to learn more out of the random! That does not happen here in NY so we were pumped! His name is Adrian Gonzales, and he is my boy. Keep him in your prayers and hopefully I can send home some pics of him getting dunked soon! Also we have been inviting people to church all the time and 3 random people we met on the street just decided to come to church yesterday! It's like so crazy, that type of stuff does not happen here in Queens so we were so pumped. I'm excited to see the work me and elder snell are gonna do! Elder snell has been out on the island for all 9 months so this is his second area and he has not been in the city. I feel like a native NY out here, I know the subways and buses like the back of my hand, I love this place.

This week I was able to give a blessing to Joe to help him stop drinking. Everyone please keep him in your prayers. He is like one of my favorite dudes ever and I really just want to see the man happy. Also continue praying for Naveen! He is talking to his boss this week about how he has to have Sundays off! Hahahaha!  The thing that gets me the most is when we are taking the 7 train, people are always jam packed in there headed to the Mets games at night and I always get so jealous cause I want to go, but I always start talking to them about baseball and sports and that's like my in with all people so it's cool!

Quick shout out to my mom, Happy Birthday! I think she turned like 28 or something like that. But also I love you all so much and I feel your prayers. I hope you all don't miss me to much! I always forget to write a bunch of stuff but that's okay hahaha! Last week on p day was so cool, we had this BBQ and I was cooking weenies and burgers for everyone it was way cool! Thats all for me. Everyone have a good week and will keep you updated next week.

Elder koby imlay

P.s go jazz

Monday, April 17, 2017

Ayeeee All,

It transfers and it looks like I'll be keeping my talents in Rego Park for at least another transfer! I will be getting a new companion tho!! Elder asplund is out and I'm staying. It's crazy, I am done training. The Mish has flew by but it also goes feels like I haven't see all of you in so long. Everyone I love hearing from you so keep emailing and sending letters I love that! Keep me updated on the jazz, I heard they are ballin! Hahaha we hear everything here in's a lot different then like Mexico(cam)!

But craziest thing about here tho is that we are so the minority!  If you walk down the streets of Queens you will see thousands of people and I'd sayy there's like a good 2 white people out of all those people. I dig it tho...the world is a lot bigger than Utah. A lot different as well.  NY is like every Country smashed into this city! It's pretty lit tho and I'm so hyped to see what is coming next for me.  I will find out who my new comp is tomorrow!

This week was pretty cool and I got a lot of pics so I will let the pictures do most of the talking. I know you all just wanna see my sexy face anyway HAHA just kidding! But really, we had a dope week full of great visits and exchanges and meetings! We also put Naveen on baptismal date for may 13!! Everyone please pray for him because he just needs to come to church. He was at stake conference yesterday and that was so cool! I love seeing people change out here and I feel so attached to a lot of people.  It's definetly gonna make me cry when I leave. I love these people, I love my family, I love my friends. Love is the greatest thing about this gospel and I challenge you all to try to show more of it in everything you do. I wish I could be as loving as my older brother and my mom, those 2 are the greatest examples of just how to love. I can tell you one thing tho, the mission is hard. You know this is emotionally and mentally like nothing I've ever did before. The frustrations of people not doing what the Lord wants them to do, and people cancelling, and everything takes a toll. People denying something that can really change their life, and then missing my family and friends is hard. This is something tho that I wouldn't trade for anything, being out here on a mission. My dad sent me a scripture my first week here and it was Alma 34. This chapter is my favorite in the book of Mormon and I know that we are all here on earth for and reason and that we all are God's children and he has provided a path for us. I am so happy right now and I don't understand why, cause this truly is so hard. The Lord blesses us, I know that. Everyone just look for the good in life and I promise you will find it.

But enough of my sappyness, how's dhills soccer doin? Spring break was totally dope out here, kids were everywhere. My metro card expired so I had to Kanon Heaton smooze my way on to 4 busses on Wednesday so that was dope. But everyone I love you all and I'll send a ton a pics

Elder Imlay

P.S nah I got nothing

1. My Mets jersey that member hooked me up with
2. Streets of queens
3. Kats
4. Exchanges with walker ( we stayed up till 3 am, hah )
5 and 6. OG squad
7. Zone ballin out
8. My hittas, Shawn and fam

Monday, April 10, 2017

Hey yall !

This was a great week! Definetly was "All In" this week! Shout out to P-thomp I know he always all in! This week started out tough, everyone we are working with are just kinda at a stalemate and people just won't let you talk and people are just crazy here. It was a tough mental game for me at the start of the week but I can tell you that even when times get hard that the Lord is just waiting for you to pray and ask for whatever you need! We have been praying a lot for our investigators but right now I would ask everyone to please continue to pray for naveen and Kaur! Kaur has committed to go to church tomorrow and I am very excited for her. She is reading the book of Mormon and said if she feels like this is right she will get baptized. I know this church brings happiness and I can feel all your prayers for me and for our people we are working with, and I thank you so much!

On Thursday I was a little frustrated cause people had been canceling appointments and I have prayed so much this week for love and motivational and just something to boost my spirits. After dinner we said our companion prayer as we left, and in that prayer I just asked like always that someone would be put in our path that we can teach. That night we had a dinner with the Silveras, a super awesome family in our ward, and it was great! After the dinner it was 8:30 and almost time to go home. Sister Silvera said hey might as well knock a door or 2 on the way out. So we were in a hurry to get home but we stopped at floor 5 just a random floor and elder asplund said a prayer that we could know what door to knock on cause we didn't have time. As soon as the prayer ended we both looked at the same door and knocked! A wife and husband from Poland answered and the were Christians and loved the video we showed and we will hopefully be teaching them real soon. I know that God answers prayers and that he knows what we are going thru and will bless us if we just ask and then put our faith into action.

Reading thru this past conference is amazing. It truly was one of the best conferences I've ever watched and elder Sabins talk about being all in really struck me. I encourage you all the read it and to stand up inside and be all in. This church is true and the atonement is real. This gospel brings happiness we just have to ask.

I know it was a short week, because it's Saturday and I was at the temple with Shawn this morning! It was the greatest day ever and even tho the week started hard, it turned out to be probably the best week on the mission so far. We were able to drive Into Manhattan with Shawn and his sister and brother in law. We were mobin in a Honda Odyssey van hahahahahhaha! We got to do baptisms and confirmations and it was an amazing experience and they all loved it. Also missionaries are treated like celebrities in the temple I love it! But Manhattan was super cool and I loved seeing it again! It's crazy you can like instantly tell the difference for me he minute you get of the bridge. My side is super ghetto and awesome and Manhatten is super rich and still awesome. What a week.

I will talk to you all next Monday! And that's the end of the transfer so we will have some exciting news then! Church is true yall and we got proof in the book of Mormon! Shout out to kaler for cutting his hair, youre a legend. Send me the hair in a package hahahahha! Love you fam you are the greatest. Fine 9 nothing but love. Everyone else I love the emails so please keep it up!

Elder koby imlay

Here's some temple pics

Monday, April 3, 2017

Hey its ya boy Elder Imlay

WEEK 12 "The Perfect Week"

It was a great week here in NYC. To explain the title of the email, I came up with the perfect week because it is when you get fed dinner every night for 7 days in a row!!! So we started of this week strong with 3 solid dinners Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. We had the rest of the week scheduled as well and our dreams of the perfect week we're high. Then like usually our plans got blown up and we only got 5/7 days this week hahahahah. We will keep striving for greatest and one day I know it will happen.

Anyways this week was cool.  We met with a family we knocked into and the mom had read the book of Mormon and we invited her to be baptized but she said she need more time to read! Keep Kaur in your prayers! I got to give a blessing to sister Macdonald she is a less active in our ward this week. The spirit was so strong and the priesthood really is amazing and definetly changes lifes. Sister Macdonald was so nice tho and brought us to breakfast at IHOP after so that was lit. Another really cool thing happened this week tho. So on Tuesday we get a call from a random number so we answer and the guy on the phone says that he had a feeling that he needed to check out our church and so we set up a meeting for Thursday at our church. Thursday rolled around and we went to the church to find that he showed up 15 minutes early cause he was so excited. When I saw the guy I was stunned...he had his hair pulled back in a bun and it was bleached (bleach boys), he also had tattoos all over and piercings everywhere. We taught him the restoration and as we were telling him about about Joseph Smith the spirit was so strong and he told us that he knows this church is true. He came to conference yesterday and I'm very excited to see his progress. The only bummer is we are gonna have to pass him off to other missionaries cause he is like 5 streets outside of our area. But as long as he finds happiness and peace I don't care who teaches him. This gospel is true.

We had the greatest opportunity this weekend to watch conference and it was amazing! I'm proud to say that I didn't even fall asleep for the first time in my whole conference career. Hahahahahahah but for real elder Hollands talk on Saturday was truly amazing!  The whole conference talked a lot about love, helping people and truly putting others needs above our own is how we find happiness. We have to allow ourselves to change and invite that love into our lives and then we will find the peace that comes from this gospel. Conference truly answers questions and being out on a mission is lit. I'm almost done training finally so that is dope and I still wake up everyday just in awe that I'm out here doing this. Hahah Shawn came to priesthood session with us it was so dope.  He took the place of dad and the Bros this year hahahaha. I love Shawn so much!

This week I will try to send an email on Saturday as that will be my p day cause we are hitting up temple with Shawn then! So if you don't hear from me then, I will email in 2 weeks! Love you all. I pray for you daily and appreciate all the love you all send. Keep it chill. Go Zags

Elder Imlay

This girl in our ward loves us and drew me some pictures.
Watching conference at the church with the Spanish branch
Elder Rossi came back to visit the mish