Friday, June 23, 2017

Yo squad

This was the most insane week in the mission so far! I know it's only Friday, but more than y'all can imagine has happened. I got tons of pictures to send but first just wanna say love the fam and love the boys <3 every week! The family and the boys keep me going! I would like for everyone to go read he talk by Pres Monson in April 2014, called "Love, the essence of the gospel". That is what this is about....that is what we all need and I know loving others and showing Christlike love no matter what the circumstance is what his gospel is about. I challenge everyone of you to do this with me! From now on every day I will write in a little journal how I showed someone love that day. I want everyone who reads this to try it with me and let's see how it changes us! I will keep you updated every week how it's going, and everyone that tries send me an email how it's going for you! I know this is the true church and New York is where I'm supposed to be!.....

But speaking about that, I got a call from President on Wednesday morning while we were in Richmond hill, my old area, on exchanges and he told me I will be going to Bermuda on August 22!!!!!! (If you are elder VH, Asplund, or Jensen... Dont tell anyone im going haha).  One elder goes every 2 transfers (every 3 months) so I will be leaving then and I'm so stoked for the opportunity! It's so freaking lit. I still can't even process it in my mind I'm so hyped. Mom no vacationing there, I know you will be tempted. But i will be here for 6 months! But enough of that I could go on forever!

It's Friday and I'm emailing because we are going to Manhattan right now with Willie to the temple, which is super dope too! Everything is too awesome. This week was great! We had zone leader exchanges like I said and i was in my old area and that was awesome.  I've been seeing elder Creager a ton it's dope.  While were were there, we got on top of their building roof and got some sick pictures, which I will send!  The work in far rockaway is's sad cause I won't be here long cause Bermuda is calling my name.  Something awesome is we put John on baptismal date and will baptize him at the beginning of July! Missionary work changes lives and even though it's hard it's worth it. If a guy like me can do it, I know everyone reading this can do a million times better so share the happiness we have with everyone around you.

I love you all. Squad for life. Keep it chill in STG it's the promised land. Dueces till next week. Love you mom and dad kaler and cam! Best family in the world

- ya boi elder Imlay

These pics are dope! I'll send a lot.

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