Monday, July 10, 2017


This week is free agency(transfers).... just like Gordon Hayward! Elder mccleary is leaving the area. It was a great transfer with him and he's a cool guy I will miss him a lot! I got one more transfer here in far rockaway before I head out to Bermuda! I'm gonna be sad to leave far rockaway because this place is awesome. I wish I could spend my whole mission in Rego park, far rockaway and Bermuda! All 3 are bomb. But anyway not sure who my new comp will be but I'm excited. I'm also going to be a district leader here in far rockaway so im excited to do that. Hopefully I won't totally screw up!

Anyway this week was so jam packed and pretty awesome. Definetly Definitely the fastest week so far in the mission. I've been out over 6 months it's cray cray. Last Monday was super dope we balled with some far rockawayins and it was so fun, hardest I've played in a while. Got some guys mad cause white boys balled em up. The 4th of July was super sick. We had 2 BBQ's and they were so fun. I wish y'all could meet the members here. they aree awesome especially the Forbes family, I'll send some pics. Great day played some more basketball that day.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes as well! It was a pretty great birthday in the cut. We had correlation so basically a party cause it was Sis Spencer's birthday too. Had cake and goodies. Then sis Inacori fed us the gucciest dinner and cake. She's the nicest person ever. Mom you and her could be best friends hahaha!

We were able to find some awesome new people this week as well! Sandra and Cathy are 2 new investigators who are really promising. As we were teaching Cathy the restoration for the 2nd time to make sure she understood it, it just seemed like it clicked and the spirit was so strong. I love sharing this gospel with other people. This is so true and watching other people accept this and change their lives is so amazing. Pray for Sandra and Cathy!

I don't wanna go into much more but the week was awesome and I barely scratched the surface so I'll send some pics.  Y'all are you family and fine 9. The Book of Mormon is true I can promise you all that. And Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ. If you have any doubts pray and ask him if and he will answer . Thank you for all the examples in my life. Dueces.

Elder yungkob Imlay

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