Monday, July 24, 2017

Hello everyone!

Solid week down here in Far Rockaway! Happy 24th, I'm still celebrating that here. Utah pride. The reason for the subject is because I drove a ton this week. Living in NY would be mad frustrating. To drive like 7 miles takes like 40 plus minutes. And the speed limits are so slow. Worst thing is I have to obey them because of tiwi. If you don't know what that is your lucky (Just a lil box on the window that says your speed every 5 seconds when I go over the speed limit). I feel like that old person everyone get mad at in StG when they are going like 5 mph hahaha!

Anyway, this was a good week. Went to the temple on Tuesday and did an endowment session for my 6 month mark and it was awesome. I love the temple and blessings that come when we visit often. Scary tho cause on our way back to queens a sister got really sick and barfed on the tracks. A couple of us elders carried her thru the subway station out in the busy street and then a car came to get her. Crazy stuff! After all that Wednesday we had megazone conference which was awesome. I love to see all the missionaries! We also got our tablets back so now I have a phone and a tablet! It's pretty cool but I don't know what to do with both hahahaha!  It's a little unnecessary! I like the phones better! Thursday was exchanges with zone leaders! I was back in my old area and it was so sick cause we saw the Pena family from my last Ward just walking in the streets. Crystal the mom and her son Christian freaked out when they saw me and were like so happy cause they thought i was back in rego! I had to tell them no but nevertheless it was awesome to see them. Then we had to go get out car fixed on Saturday so went out on the island a little. There's a dope mall out there so we checked it out and had a weird run in with a crazy dude. It ended by him making a dirty joke comment and walking away. I was laughing because people are crazy but elder Putoa was so confused cause he didn't get what just happened I explained and he thought it was hilarious hahahah!

We had a cool experience yesterday. I had set these goals in district meeting for our district for our numbers and I really wanna see the squad here out in the work and finding people, bring them to church and baptize. We found 3 new investigators! One named Dean and he is way cool.  A cool experience at church....none of our investigators showed up even after like 4 or 5 said they were coming. (i did a G- joy move right there). No joke I said a prayer that someone would show up and John Morrissey rolled in like 40 minutes late but you know it was such a blessing to see it.  I know that God answers prayers and that we are never alone because he is there I can tell you that. We have a lot of people that are getting really close to progressing towards baptism. We had a good lesson with Sandra! And the Phipps family is looking good and should be at church next week! Keep praying for those 2 and the Saddler family! And also Dean and John!

Thank y'all for the prayers, here is a dope video that i saw this week if you all wanna check it out!

Yo fam live it up in park city without me.  Fine 9 you the ish....1 year ago today we were all together for the last time. #neverforget.  Someone hit me up with the NBA updates.

- Elder Imlay

Bermuda in 29 days

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