Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hey family and friends and Gavin!

Just kidding love you so much Gav...just thought I'd give you a shout out cause you are  so close but so far away! NY for life!

This week was super dope! for Pday, we played ball the usual, then we went mini golfing as a district that was so fun!  Our district is pretty sick right now! Me and Elder Cinteon went on exchanges! I love that guy so much...he goes home to puerto rico in like 2 weeks its crazy! He's awesome and we had a good day!

We have been working a lot with our people and being blessed with new ones! We were able to teach Dean like 3 times this week and he went from smoking almost a pack of cigarettes a day down to 1 or none a day.  This is God's work!!  He also came to church and I'm excited for Dean to be baptized in the near future! Also a blessing this week is we we got a referral for a lady named Michelle and she is prepared. It's like coming home from practice to mom's cooking waiting for you... she is so ready and she loves the gospel. She was taught back in 2008 but needed some time. Her son is 12 and is awesome! Pray for her to get this new job she applied for because if she gets it then no more working on Sundays and she can get baptized in 3 weeks!

I wrote the first of this email this morning and then I've been in Rego park and Brooklyn all day! It was such a good day and I'll send lots of pics. Glenn game and visited and it was way awesome! he hooked us up with some awesome food! It was a sick day! We painted the Siddoways house this week which was lit!

Love you all!  (Sorry for the crazy email).  

Elder Imlay

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